Cinéma Du Réel 2018


Kick-off of the 40th edition of the Cinéma du Réel, outstanding film festival in the field of ethnographic and sociological documentary cinema. From 23rd March to 1st April in the evocative setting of the Centre Pompidou in Paris the festival will consists of four competition sections: International Competition for films, first films and short films, French Competition.



ANNI by Zhu Rikun – The ten-year-old Anni, a Chinese girl, is not allowed to go to school because of the father who was and is a dissident. The school refuses to educate Anni fearing to get into trouble. A movement of activists is performing peaceful protests before the school.

KINSHASA MAKAMBO by Dieudo Hamadi – This film documents follows Christian, Ben and Jean-Marie, three protagonists of the resistance against Congo’s incumbent President Joseph Kabila refusing to step down and hold free elections according to the Constitution. In precarious conditions, the filmmaker explores the pros and cons of different forms of resistance.

ONE OR TWO QUESTIONS by Kristina Konrad – A collection of interviews recorded on the streets of Uruguay between 1987 and 1989 on a public initiative to call for a referendum to abolish the Uruguayan Parliament law granting amnesty for all crimes and human rights violations committed by the military and police during the dictatorship of Juan Maria Bordaberry in the years 1973-85.

WALDHEIMS WALZ by Ruth Beckerman – Prize winning documentary at the latest Berlinale, the story of how former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim’s Nazi past was uncovered only after he announced he would run for the Austrian presidency. A film about Austria, anti-Semitism and patriotism. A story of truth, lies and “alternative facts.

CENTRAL AIRPORT THF by Karim Aïnouz – A portrait of the everyday lives of refugees in the hangars of the no longer in use Berlin airport Tempelhof.



ANGKAR by Neary Adeline Hay –  An insight into the Cambodia’s history scarred by Khmer Rouge violence. The filmmaker faces past and present together her father Khonsaly in the village where they forcefully lived for 4 years.

BLACK MOTHER by Khalik Allah – The film employs artistic cinematography to show Jamaican culture forged during “triangular-trade” when only the Africans were forcefully sent onto Jamaica because they were “unbreakable slaves”.

HOME OF THE RESISTANCE by Ivan Ramljak – In 1974, the communist authorities built the “Memorial Home for WWII Resistance Fighters and Youth of Yugoslavia”. Following the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Memorial Home was closed in 1991. Still, a few fighters remain there.



JAMILA by Aminatou Echard – A touching and hard-hitting documentary about the condition of Kyrgyz women portrayed through Jamila, the national literary heroine, kidnapped and forced to marry. She manages to escape with the man she has fallen in love breaking the taboo of forced marriages that still survive in the Kyrgyz society. A collection of audio interviews of women victims of this tradition.


To enrich the choice of screenings Cinéma du Réel hosts some compelling retrospectives: For Another ’68, a thought-provoking, alternative approach to the ’68 mythology with remarkable documentary filmmaking from Mexco, Palestine, South  America, India, Africa. Experimental cinema characterised by a fusion of artistic and fiction films, theatrical performances and essays.

Dedicated to postwar independent cinema from Japan the retrospective Ogawa plus Ogawa Pro features the best documentaries of the 1960s by Ogawa Shinsuke who influenced the student movement of that time.



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