Africa, Asia, Latin America, alias Where future beats. The 27th Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema starts tomorrow in Milan under the claim Where future beats. Created and organized by Alessandra Speciale and Annamaria Gallone the festival is the only cinatographic event dedicated to films and cultures of the three continents. From March, 19 to March, 26 sixty feature lenght films and short films will get us into Africa, Asia and Latin America’s fast-moving realities to peer into them, hear their heating, explore and build up a new future. Opening movie in the presence of the filmmaker Raoul Peck  I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, 2017 Oscar-nominated documentary based on James Baldwin’s memories on racial segregation during the 1960s and his intellectual battles beside Malxom X, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King.



BURNING BIRDS by Sanjeewa Pushpakumara – The war atrocities of the long lasting conflict between Tamil Tigers and the government affect Kusum’s life, a woman facing the drama of poverty and violence after her husband’s barbaric killing by the army. Deprived of all her dignity, the woman starts a painful and inevitable descent into the abyss.

LIVE FROM DHAKA by Abdullah Mohammad Saad – Sazzad’s life in Dhaka, a disabled man, harrassed by creditors, abandoned by his girlfriend. Sazzad is loosing is grip of life. Full of anger and frustration he yearns to move away from Bangladesh.



IL CANTO DELLE ONDE by Karim Benhadj – An Algerian woman, deeply offended in her dignity, completely veiled, abused by her husband. Desperately looking for help.

LOVE SONGS FOR GENOCIDE by Giuseppe Carrieri – The genocide in Rwanda twenty years later. Three female victims and their torturers facing one another.

THE RUNAWAY BRIDE by Tommaso Cotronei – Yemen and child-bride drama. Soraya runs away from her husband and stops in a desolate village where she knows nobody but a young teacher from the local school offering her protection.

ZAZA, KURD by Simone Amendola – Hamza, innocent victim of the repression of the Kurds  by the Turks. Upon a sentence condemning him to twelve year imprisonment he flees Anatolia. He will take seventeen years to return to his country. seventeen years of emotional and physical suffering.



L’ÉTOILE D’ALGER by Rachid Benhadj – Algeria in the 1990s. Moussa dreams of becoming a rockstar of Algerian music. Moussa’s passion is impossible to follow in the 1990s a time when Muslim fundamentalism threatening loomed over the Algerian society.



EL AMPARO by Rober Calzadilla – The film is inspired by a true story happened at the end of the 1980s. In the same name location fourteen fishermen were shot. Without any piece of evidence two workmates were accused by the Venezuelan army of being guerrillas, forsed to give themselves up.

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