The 72nd edition of the Locarno Film Festival will take place from August 7 to 17 , a unique cinema event in the international landscape of film festivals. Eleven days to explore first-class cinema in all its diversity with a special focus on auteur works. With a traditionally rich and eclectic program Locarno Film Festival engages with emerging talents of worldwide filmmaking, with the most prominent storytellers and the newer forms of narration and innovation in filmic language. 3 competitions (Concorso internazionale, Pardi di domani, Concorso Cineasti del presente,), 6 non-competitive sections (Piazza Grande, Moving Head, the Semaine de la critique, Open Doors, Panorama Suisse, Fuori Concorso), 2 sidebar sections dedicated to the history of cinema and outstanding auteurs: Histoire(s) du cinéma and Retrospettiva.


GeoMovies Highlights



DURING REVOLUTION by Maya Khoury – A very powerful and impressive documentary on the Syrian war. Maya Khoury filmed from 2011 to 2017 to see beyond the media images of the revolution. the film delivers a profound look into the war-driven trasformation of the country’s people.

ENDLESS NIGHT by Eloy Enciso – Against the backdrop of the in the Galician countryside. A journey through the three-decades of Franco’s dictatorship revisits that dark period through an ensamble of tales of who experienced it.



143 RUE DU DÉSERT by Hassen Ferhani – In the desert of southern Algeria Malika runs a coffee shop, welcomes truckers and vagabond, talking about the colonial history between France and Algeria.

OVERSEAS by Sung-a Yoon – The films engages with new slavery in globalized economy. In a training center in the Philippines women who got deployed abroad to work as domestic learn to face abuses they will probably experience.

SPACE DOGS by Elsa Kremser and Levin Peter – Laika is the most famous dog in history: the first living being sent into space at the times of US-URSS space race. The dog died from horrible pain and suffering. A legend says that her ghost is wandering through Moscow.



CAMILLE by Boris Lojkine – The true story of Camille Lapage, French photojournalist who covered the sectarian conflict between Selekas and anti-Balaka militias in the Central African Republic that killed thousands of people. What she experienced would change her destiny forever.



TEN YEARS THAILAND by A. Assarat, W. Sasanatieng, C. Siriphol, A. Weerasethakul – Four Thai directors offer a dystopian vision of their country ruled by a military junta since 2014, a decade from now. Each episode sounds a warning about the current political situation and the serious risk of further escalation of freedoms repression in general indifference.



MURGHAB by M. Elders, M.Saxer, D. Kaziev – A window into modern life of Murghab, the highest town of the former Soviet Union close to the sensitive borders with Afghanistan and China. Provided with ample provisions at the time of the Soviet Empire, the town now struggles for living in precarious conditions among the ruins of Socialism like a nurse, a history teacher and a welder do.

COPPER NOTES OF A DREAM by Reza Farahmand – Malook is a ten-year-old survivor of the civil war in Syria. He makes a living pulling copper out of the walls of empty buildings reduced to heaps of rubble. Malook and his fourteen-year-old sister wish to become musicians, they dream of holding a concert in the wrecked stadium.


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